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05/02/2016 - Twisters finish strong at the Cheerleading World Championships and Summit Championships

Twister teams finish the season with great showings at Worlds and The Summit!  Twisters Gold finished 18th out of 68 teams at this years Cheerleading World Championships.  Twisters Chrome finished their season placing an impressive 4th at the Summit.  Finishing the year with as Summit Champions is our very own Twisters Silver!  

05/02/2016 - Twisters Cheer in College!

Over the past 11 years Twisters has been proud to send their seniors off to cheer in college.  Twisters has sent the past team members to the following colleges:

Mary Bergin --- Georgia Tech

Madeleine Laymac---UGA

McKenzie VanVactor---Carson Newman

Sierra Smith---Club Team at UGA

Eleanor Besslar---Club Team at UGA

Josh Buck---West Georgia

Sydney Marshall---Clemson University

Christa Bagley---Georgia Tech

Caitlin Ivie---TCU

Grace Scharoun---Mercer

Emma Sweat---Mississippi State

Jessie Caudill---Columbus State

Rae Wagoner---Shorter College

Steven Guerra---East Carolina

Jake Fricks---GA State & West Georgia